Graceful Star: Begum Humyra Saiyid
Islamabad: 28 May 2017
Born to a family whose intellectual contribution to the Subcontinent is as old as the history of Muslims in this region, Begum Humayra Saiyid was Pakistani’s celebrated artist. A soft spoken and charming person, she was the first newsreader at Radio Pakistan Rawalpindi. Nine years younger than her cousin Quratul Ain Haider (the author of acclaimed Urdu novel, Aag ka Dariya), she enjoyed a long and successful career in performing arts. Humyra Saiyid acted in three PTV drama serials, Tansen, Parosi, and Pal Do Pal. It was heartening to see her signing autographs for kids. “I prefer such roles in TV plays which are meaningful and challenging.” She had a long stint in Radio Pakistan in news and plays, broadcast in English and Urdu. In addition, she founded two schools in Rawalpindi on “self-help basis,” arranging student fees and buying school furniture from own resources and with contributions from family friends. Humyra Saiyid’s
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